Friday, January 25, 2008


Jan 22 2008

Are you aware of the circumstances of the murder of the first speaker of the NK Supreme Soviet Arthur Mkrtichyan, the reporters asked Arman Melikyan, the ex-foreign minister of NKR, on January 22 at the Pastark club, noting that some Armenian officials who used to be in Karabakh in those years are rumored to be related to that mysterious assassination.

Arman Melikyan said it is a sensitive issue. According to him, he admired Arthur Mkrtichyan whom he had met before the Karabakh movement when Arthur Mkrtichyan was the director of the museum in Hadrut, and his election as speaker of the Supreme Soviet of NKR was not visible yet. Arman Melikyan says his meeting with Arthur Mkrtichyan deeply impressed him. Arman Melikyan thinks a lot of circumstances of the assassination and the real motives will become known eventually, maybe after a change of generation, because the revelation of not only Arthur Mkrtichyan's assassination but also other assassinations of those years is highly important to the society.

"Murders, economic or political, the representatives of the intelligentsia were murdered, whose death has not been explained legally and politically. We must discover the truth about such issues. Now, however, I do not know the truth," Arman Melikyan says.