Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Will Armenia Withdraw from the Protocols?

The buzz in the news these days is Armenias contention of possibly withdrawing from the Armenia-Turkish protocols and with that there have been a quite a few opinions out of Baku on the subject.

The following is an interview that came from a “political expert” who if you ask me is just a propagandist and has no idea or foundation to draw any conclusions as he has, since he clearly lacks a real understanding of what protocols are and their legal implications.

In addition to this, he also has a very selective memory when it comes to our concerns in terms of Genocide recognition and our desire to make sure history does not repeat itself.

I have made some notes to the reader within the body of the article below in Italics.

Today.Az » Politics » Political expert: Withdrawal from Zurich protocols will be Armenian-style hara-kiri

18 December 2009 [11:56] - Today.Az

Day.Az interview with renowned Azerbaijani political expert Vafa Guluzude.

Day.Az: Armenia is going to make amendments to laws which will enable the country to withdraw its signatures from international treaties. Armenian officials recently announced that if Turkey delays ratification of the Zurich protocols, Armenia may withdraw from them. In your opinion, what is the reasons for these statements?

[Ara’s note: “Protocols” are not “treaties” and do not hold anyone responsible to any obligation. Protocols are an understanding between two parties and are also in many cases intended to set the stage for future treaties between said parties. One can not be sanctioned for violating the terms of protocols.]

Vafa Guluzade: The reason is a turkophobia inherent in Armenia. Yerevan made sure that the Turkish parliament either may delay or not ratify the Armenian-Turkish protocols at all. So, it decided to move back. I think that a move by the Armenia parliament to review withdrawal of signature from the Zurich protocols will prove absolutely senseless and unnecessary step. Once Armenia takes this step, it will lose a chance to resume relations with Turkey. It means that Armenia will “dig a grave” for itself. This will be a kind of Armenian-style hara-kiri.

[ Ara’s note: In my opinion, Turkey has no intention to ratify the protocols and would like to see them in limbo as it has with over one hundred other protocols it has not ratified so that as long as it is awaiting to be ratified, the United States and other governments will not recognize the Armenian Genocide in fear of spoiling the potential signing of the protocols and possible good relations they were intended to nurture.]

Do you believe Armenia’s willingness to withdraw from Zurich protocols had an impact on Armenian Diaspora’s radical position towards the Armenia-Turkey rapprochement?

Armenian Diaspora is a special conglomerate, who lives by memories of 1915. The world has seen dramatic changes since then.

There is a very strange situation. The number of Russians the German fascists killed during the World War II was ten times more than current population of Armenia. The elite of the Turkish army was destroyed during the course of the many Russian-Turkish wars, in particular, in the Sarikamish battle. Nevertheless, today, Germany and Russia on the one side, and Turkey and Russia on the other side build a new relationship not looking at past.

However, the Armenian diaspora lives with memories of far-fetched "genocide" in the Ottoman Empire even after 100 years. Neither the empire nor people of that era exist any more. But Armenians do not still forget the times when their betrayal of their country (Ottoman Empire) and taking side of Russian troops provoked an adequate response by the Ottoman Empire. Until now, the Armenian Diaspora believes that hatred towards Turks should unite Armenian people and make it "great". It's just some sort of disease of Armenian psychology. This is quite an unhealthy way of thinking that will ultimately lead to collapse of the Armenian state which is at odds with its neighbors.

[ Ara’s note: I guess Mr. Guluzade was not around during the visit of Turkey’s President (who at the time was Prime Minister) Turgut Ozal, who in a speech he made in May of 1992, which took place on his last trip to Baku before he died, blatantly threatened the Armenians by saying: “Let those Armenians not forget what we did to them. Let them behave themselves or else....” What does Mr. Guluzade mean by empire or people who don’t “exist any more”? If you ask me and according to Turkey’s former President, the statement of “we did” clearly means that as of May of 1992, Turkey is the same empire and same people that the Armenians have to be very careful in dealing with.]

If Armenia had not occupied Azerbaijan’s lands, our region would be the most prosperous in the world. Today Armenia wants to take advantage of Turkey and reopen borders not returning Azerbaijan’s occupied territories and not giving up its hostility towards Turks. So, this is Armenia’s absolutely schizophrenic approach to the problems in our region. It will further feud with its neighbors. Even foreign owners of Armenia will be forced to think over this senseless policy.

[ Ara’s note: If Armenia did not liberate the lands they hold today, Azerbaijan would have wiped off the map all the Armenians of Artsakh and along with Turkey would be chipping away today at connecting Azerbaijan with Turkey and taking with that Northern Iran (which they refer to as Southern Azerbaijan), thus wiping out Armenia all together in the process. And in terms of Armenians desire to “reopen boarders”, this is not what Armenia wants, it wants for Turkey to lift the blockade which is a violation of international law, nothing more, nothing less.]

Armenia avoids linking opening of borders with Turkey with resolution ot the Karabakh conflict. How will Armenia’ possible withdrawal from the Zurich protocols impact resolving the Karabakh problem?

I think Armenia plays not a pivotal role in the Karabakh issue. Russia and the United States play the main role. Pace of the conflict resolution depends on their attitude. Unfortunately, I do not see any real progress in settlement of the Karabakh problem. It may appear only after geopolitical situation in the world and in our region changes.

In your opinion, what relations will Armenian and Turkish Diaspora have in the "neutral ground" (in the U.S. and other countries)?

I think everything will depend on the United States and its interests. If Washington is interested in making the South Caucasus a region of peace and its ally, it will pave a way for return of occupied Azerbaijani territories by Armenia, normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations and opening of borders between the countries. If Washington is interested in the status quo in the South Caucasus, the inactive OSCE Minsk Group to continue to act in its old format.

I do not know which option the U.S. has chosen. But I know one thing for sure- if Washington keeps on acting like this, America will never achieve "peace" in our region.

Concerning the Armenian diaspora in the United States, its representatives are very strange citizens of America. They dedicate their lives to recognition of the far-fetched "Armenian genocide". The actions of the Armenian Diaspora harm the United States and American interests. Thus, it seems that the U.S. citizens (Armenian diaspora) act to detriment of the state, which is extremely interested in close relations with Turkey as its strategic ally in the region.

Z. Ahmadov

URL: http://www.today.az/news/politics/58316.html

Monday, December 14, 2009

Edik Baghdasaryan Honored with “Defender of Armenia Freedom” Award by U.S. Ambassador

[ 2009/12/10 | 22:55 ]
society media

On December 10, United States Ambassador to Armenia, Marie L. Yovanovitch, conferred the “Defender of Armenia Freedom” award to Mr. Edik Baghdasaryan, “Hetq Online” Chief Editor and President of the “Investigative Journalists” NGO.

During the reception following the award ceremony at the U.S. Embassy, Ambassador Yovanovitch noted that, “Due to the unprecedented work of Edik Baghdasaryan, it has been possible to uncover cases of corruption, human rights violations and human trafficking, today’s version of slavery. At the “Investigative Journalists Conference” last year in Norway, particular attention was paid to a series of articles that Mr. Baghdasaryan wrote regarding the exploitation of Armenia’s natural resources by a former top ranking Armenian government official.”

Ambassador Yovanovitch stressed that the defense of human rights is a step by step process in which all must participate and demand transparent governance from their elected officials.

Edik Baghdasaryan stated that he would have preferred not to receive such an award and would like to see a world where such awards didn’t exist, “since it is extremely difficult to sit and ponder the fact that people are being persecuted and arrested in your own country merely for their political convictions, when you reflect that 30% of children are malnourished and go to bed hungry. I would really like to underline this last matter and urge our NGO’s to pay specific attention to the plight of the children. I would go so far to say that child malnourishment is the biggest challenge facing Armenia today. As proof, let me just point out that 40% of all army conscripts have some sort of malady. These kids are the ones going without.”

The “Hetq” chief editor argued that as a result of this problem the country would be facing much larger challenges 5-10 years down the road. Thus, he urged greater attention to be paid to the fact that many kids cannot enjoy a normal childhood, a normal school life and receive adequate nourishment.

“Sadly, in Armenia today, the same situation holds true when it comes to other rights as well, starting from environmental rights to the right to a decent education. I never blame society for the state of affairs. It is those higher up the ladder that I hold accountable since there are some problems that could be resolved in an hour with the stroke of a pen. There are many such problems awaiting such resolution. The authorities must possess the political will to act in order to change and reform the situation as quickly as possible,” Edik Baghdasaryan stated to audience members.

He added that it was an unfortunate fact of life that elections in Armenia are a sham and that voters cannot possibly exercise their right to political franchise.

“This is the most basic of issues. It thus behooves us all to seek out those individuals, wherever they may exist, with whom it might be able to change certain things. The attempt must be made,” concluded Mr. Baghdasaryan.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Armenian government trying to come to terms with problem of internet porn effects on youth

Many years ago, we tried to bring to the attention to the Armenian Government and public at large the problem internet access in schools provided by a program funded by the United States Government that was giving children free access to porn to almost no avail.

Well it seems now some of the effects of this exposure is surfacing and counter measures on an official level are going to be implemented.

I'm not sure if Psychosexual education in kindergarten is the answer, but at very least those in power finally recognize the problem and understand that there is a need for change.

Psychosexual education to become compulsory subject in kindergarten and school curricula

12.12.2009 19:36 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Psychosexual education should become a compulsory subject in kindergarten and school curricula, according to Ph.D. Candidate of Sexology Marat Zakaryan, Assistant in Sexology Chair at Yerevan State Medical University. `The absence of such education causes deviations like homosexuality etc. This is a problem that should be resolved on state level,' he told today a news conference.

At that, he stressed the importance of raising awareness among teachers.

`The country's main problem is the existence of a great number of poor quality books whose accessibility disorients teenagers. Free access to the Internet can also have harmful effect,' Mr. Zakaryan said, stressing the importance of starting psychosexual education at pre-school age.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Could we hear from Barak Obama's mouth the 'G' word? I really don't think the protocols will be ratified anytime soon and would go so far that it will take much longer than April 24, 2010.


2009-12-09 21:12:00

US President Barack Obama called on the Grand National Assembly of Turkey to immediately ratify the Armenian-Turkish Protocols. According to the Turkish mass media, Obama said about it during the meeting with Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan on December 7 in the White House.

As the source reports quoting Hurriyet newspaper and DunyaBulteni.Net site, B. Obama recalled that the Resolution on the Armenian Genocide was multiply included in the agenda of the Congress. According to B.

Obama, it will be very difficult to hinder adoption of the Armenian Genocide Resolution by US Congress if the Armenian-Turkish Protocols are not ratified. In his turn, R. Erdogan said that the major part of his party's deputies are not overjoyed at ratification of the Protocols because of the Karabakh problem unsolved. According to him, the Armenian- Turkish Protocols will not be ratified if include them in the agenda of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey today.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Olympic Champ Albert Azaryan – “I never cursed out the president”

[ 2009/12/11 | 12:50 ] society
Arman Gharibyan

Minutes ago, Olympic gymnastics champion Albert Azaryan, publicly refuted charges that he ever mumbled profanities regarding President Serzh Sargsyan. An evidently emotional Azaryan was responding to a video clip that recently appeared on the Internet showing that the Olympics champion left the podium, after praising the president, and mumbled some expletives about Sargsyan.

“I sincerely can say that I feel terrible right now. Why would I ever defame our leader? I saw the internet clip and what I say is that if Serzh Sargsyan became president our situation would improve…and then I suddenly shake my head and…Such a thing isn’t possible,” said Mr. Azaryan, a gold medal winner in the 1956 and 1960 Olympics representing the Soviet Union.

“If I actually said such a thing, it should have been exposed two years ago. Someone is evidently out to get me and smear my name. The people behind this should be severely punished so that they understand that such a thing isn’t possible,” stated the 80 year-old Azaryan, arguing that the video clip is doctored.

He confessed that he doesn’t remember when the tape was made or by whom. “I’m now looking into the matter and se who distributed this video.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

"Go, Armenia!" in and out of frame

December 8, 2009
December 08, 2009 23:25


Yesterday evening a video was uploaded to Youtube which is footage of the 2008 presidential election campaign where actor Hrant Tokhatyan and Olympic champion Albert Azaryan urge the electorate to cast their votes for Serzh Sargsyan, the candidate from the Republican Party of Armenia.

This very footage, however, never made it to the final cut. Albert Azaryan and Hrant Tokhatian literally cuss out Serzh Sargsyan, then the prime minister and presidential candidate, and Yervand Zakharyan, the former mayor of Yerevan.

It needs to be mentioned that after becoming president Serzh Sargsyan appointed Zakharyan head of the state committee of the real estate cadastre. He still works there.

7or.am tried to find out who had uploaded the video material and what purpose it served. However, we've been unable to reach Samvel Farmanyan, the Armenian president's press secreteray, and Hrant Tokhatian. Our phone calls were not answered by the press office of the state committee of real estate either.

As for Albert Azaryan, he told 7or.am that it's only a provocation:

"How could Albert Azaryan possibly cuss out his president like that? It's all made up. It was intentionally done to compromise me. Those fools' mouths need to be shut up. I'd like you to know that I will never say such a thing," assured us A.Azaryan.

Eduard Sharmazanov, press secretary of the Republican Party of Armenia, said that he doesn't comment on such negligible things like who uploaded what on youtube.

"I voice commentary on political statements and actions," said Sharmazanov adding that he was unaware who were involved in the filming crew in charge of producing video clips for the presidential campaign.

He, nevertheless, mentioned that Serzh Sargsyan's pre-election headquarters organized the campaign. By the way, the leader of Serzh Sargsyan's pre-election campaign was Hovik Abrahamyan, the incumbent speaker of the Armenian parliament. As far as the filming crew is concerned, it was Sharm. We will be trying to find out how that footage appeared online and whether all other people filmed within the project were campaigning for Serzh Sargsyan against their will.

The speaker of the Republican Party has shared his opinion on what purpose all this serves.

- I wouldn't want to go that far and oppose the second and the third presidents. And I would advise those people who set them against each other and want to get bonuses or to hike up their ratings not to play such dangerous games and, as the saying goes, don't fish in muddy waters. The Republican Party has worked with Robert Kocharyan for 10 years very successfully and normally within the coalition framework. And today. along with Srerzh Sargsyan, we realize our policy.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Go, Armenia!

Albert Azaryan: I think that after his election our Armenian people can be in a very good condition. And the purpose of this struggle is not only, say, Serzh Sargsyan’s election… Ah, fuck Serzh's mouth44…

Hrant Tokhatyan: As for the army - we have it. As for the city, it still needs to be created… Er… no, the thing about Yerevan didn’t work… Well, it won’t do. Yervand Zakharian is an a faggot (gyot)! How else should I put it. А faggot is a faggot? Let’s write it down like this: the mayor is a faggot. Big deal, let this one be that way.

Monday, December 07, 2009


17:07 ~U 04.12.09

From December 5-7, United Arab Emirates Minister of State for Federal National Council Affairs Anwar Gargash will visit Armenia.

Planned during the visit are meetings with His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians; RA Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan; RA Vice Prime Minister and RA Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan; and RA Minister of Foreign Affairs Edward Nalbandian.

After the meeting, the ministers will sign a Mutual Understanding Memorandum on cooperation in the fight against human trafficking between the UAE Human Trafficking Committee and the Republic of Armenia council that deals with issues of human trafficking, announces the RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs due in Armenia

05.12.2009 11:15

UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Mohammed Gargash is arriving in Armenia today.

Within the framework of the visit the Minister is expected to meet the Catholicos of All Armenians Garegin II, Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan and Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian.

The delegation headed by Anwar Gargash will visit Tsitsernakaberd to lay a wreath at the memorial to the Armenian Genocide victims.

The Foreign Ministers of Armenia and the United Arab Emirates will sign a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in fighting human trafficking. The signing ceremony will be followed by a joint press conference.