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"Go, Armenia!" in and out of frame

December 8, 2009
December 08, 2009 23:25

Yesterday evening a video was uploaded to Youtube which is footage of the 2008 presidential election campaign where actor Hrant Tokhatyan and Olympic champion Albert Azaryan urge the electorate to cast their votes for Serzh Sargsyan, the candidate from the Republican Party of Armenia.

This very footage, however, never made it to the final cut. Albert Azaryan and Hrant Tokhatian literally cuss out Serzh Sargsyan, then the prime minister and presidential candidate, and Yervand Zakharyan, the former mayor of Yerevan.

It needs to be mentioned that after becoming president Serzh Sargsyan appointed Zakharyan head of the state committee of the real estate cadastre. He still works there. tried to find out who had uploaded the video material and what purpose it served. However, we've been unable to reach Samvel Farmanyan, the Armenian president's press secreteray, and Hrant Tokhatian. Our phone calls were not answered by the press office of the state committee of real estate either.

As for Albert Azaryan, he told that it's only a provocation:

"How could Albert Azaryan possibly cuss out his president like that? It's all made up. It was intentionally done to compromise me. Those fools' mouths need to be shut up. I'd like you to know that I will never say such a thing," assured us A.Azaryan.

Eduard Sharmazanov, press secretary of the Republican Party of Armenia, said that he doesn't comment on such negligible things like who uploaded what on youtube.

"I voice commentary on political statements and actions," said Sharmazanov adding that he was unaware who were involved in the filming crew in charge of producing video clips for the presidential campaign.

He, nevertheless, mentioned that Serzh Sargsyan's pre-election headquarters organized the campaign. By the way, the leader of Serzh Sargsyan's pre-election campaign was Hovik Abrahamyan, the incumbent speaker of the Armenian parliament. As far as the filming crew is concerned, it was Sharm. We will be trying to find out how that footage appeared online and whether all other people filmed within the project were campaigning for Serzh Sargsyan against their will.

The speaker of the Republican Party has shared his opinion on what purpose all this serves.

- I wouldn't want to go that far and oppose the second and the third presidents. And I would advise those people who set them against each other and want to get bonuses or to hike up their ratings not to play such dangerous games and, as the saying goes, don't fish in muddy waters. The Republican Party has worked with Robert Kocharyan for 10 years very successfully and normally within the coalition framework. And today. along with Srerzh Sargsyan, we realize our policy.

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