Saturday, March 26, 2011

The reason why Armenian National Congress will never be able to change anything in Armenia

Aram Sarkisian, a leading member of the opposition Armenian National Congress (HAK), tells `Aravot' that the opposition alliance did not tell supporters to march to the presidential palace in Yerevan last week because `the Congress is not an adventurer.' `The Congress wants to take calculated and correct steps,' he says. `The Congress will get into a real process of regime change when it is 100 percent confident in its victory, when it has clear support not only from the public but the international community.'

What this equates to is that since HAK is not at all respected by the international community or the majority of the public, they will never be able to take steps to change the regime. In fact I believe that they are not interested in regime change, since they in fact are a part of that regime and to change it would be like self-amputation.

The First to go on a Fair Election Beg Raffi Havannisian to End Hunger Strike

Excuse me while I vomit. The nerve of these corrupt self-elected "officials" who are the target of Raffi Hovannisian's hunger strike to have the gull to go visit Raffi and beg for him to to end his hunger strike. They have gone on the record that early elections are not the answer to the problem which they too supposedly are concerned with.

For those of you who don't know, a major part of our problem today facing Armenia is none other than Hovik "The Mouse" Abrahamian, who was quoted as saying that `Every pre-term election reflects negatively on the country's image.' The reality my dear Mouse is that every fixed election in Armenia that you and your fellow criminals have manipulated so you will come to power, have reflected badly on our image. May I suggest that you and your fellow criminals check yourself into jail and answer to the crimes you are responsible for and then we can talk about the things that concern you. This hunger strike that Raffi is in today is not for you, but for the people who are sick and tired of you and your cronies.

One thing I can say is that by The Mouse to visit Raffi, along with other members of is party tells me that Raffi has hit a nerve and is on the right track.

RFE/RL Armenia Report - 03/25/2011

Hovannisian Continues Hunger Strike Despite Appeals

Armenia -- Parliament speaker Hovik Abrahamian (L) urges opposition leader Raffi Hovannisian to end his hunger strike.

Sargis Harutyunyan

Opposition leader Raffi Hovannisian decided to continue his antigovernment hunger strike in Yerevan on Friday despite personal appeals from speaker Hovik Abrahamian and other leaders of the Armenian parliament's pro-government majority.

Abrahamian and other senior lawmakers representing Armenia's governing coalition visited the leader of the opposition Zharangutyun (Heritage) party on the 11th day of his around-the-clock sit-in in the city's Liberty Square.

`His visit gave me a very important spiritual boost, but I don't intend to end the hunger strike yet,' Hovannisian said afterwards. `My freedom fast in Liberty Square will continue.'

Seated on a bench next to Hovannisian, Abrahamian spent about 15 minutes talking to the U.S.-born former foreign minister and urging him to the end the protest in the presence of journalists.

`In a sense, I share your concerns,' the speaker said. `We also have concerns over some directions. We too want radical steps.' But he said Hovannisian should revert to more conventional methods of political struggle.

Hovannisian heard similar appeals from the deputy parliament speaker Samvel Balasanian and other lawmakers from the Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK), a junior partner in the ruling coalition. They said BHK leader Gagik Tsarukian is asking him to end the protest.

Balasanian also presented Zharangutyun's visibly thinned and weakened leader with a bible sent by Tsarukian. `We've brought you a good thing,' he said. `Let it be your guardian.'

Also visiting Hovannisian were parliamentary deputies from the opposition Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun). `You look good,' one of them, Vahan Hovannisian, told him.

`Isn't he more handsome now?' said Lilit Galstian, another Dashnaktsutyun deputy.

Speaking to journalists earlier in the day, Hovannisian reiterated his calls for the Armenian authorities to `return power to the people.' Asked whether he wants fresh presidential and parliamentary elections, he said, `The people have already demanded. I am now waiting for the government camp as well as the fighting public to act in the next few weeks.'

`My demand is the people's demand and I'm too little to put up a banner and say, `This is what I demand.' The demand has already been registered and I join that demand,' he added.

Abrahamian made clear, however, that the Armenian leadership remains opposed to the idea of snap polls. `We must do everything in accordance with the constitution,' he told journalists. `The people's wishes become visible as a result of elections. Not much time is left before our parliamentary elections and our political forces and the
society will have an opportunity to express their views in the parliamentary elections of May 2012.'

`Every pre-term election reflects negatively on the country's image,' said the speaker.

Crime Against Armenia Set to be Resolved

It seems that finally someone has come to realize a mistake from their past. Here is a little I told you so movement that I want to share. Click here for background on a crime that no one stopped at the time. The following is today's reality which I hope will be followed by my prediction of what will happen in the future.


All the minibuses in Yerevan have to be replaced by buses and trolleys,
the prime minister has said.

Addressing the cabinet meeting on Thursday, Tigran Sargsyan stressed
the importance of removing minibuses from Yerevan. He said the
municipality will no longer issue licenses for this form of public

"Buses and trolleys will replace minibuses," he said.