Sunday, April 29, 2007

Why young people in Karabakh do not get married

28-04-2007 12:05:48 - KarabakhOpen

Young men often leave Karabakh for work and stay abroad for a long time. And this issue must be in the focus of the government. A doctor of the republic maternity hospital stated this during a round-table meeting on the demography and the rate of birth in Karabakh, held by Good Samaritan and Maternity NGOs.

First, the participants of the meeting were offered statistics. On the basis of this information they discussed the low birth rate and the rise in the rate of abortion. Marianna Hakobyan, the head of the department of youth of the NKR ministry of education and culture, said in Karabakh there is a rather high number of unmarried young men, especially in rural areas. They say the reason is poverty and housing.

Doctor Gohar Hovanisyan, chair of the Hanganak Organization, said young girls and boys do not get adequate "birds and bees" information, which is often the cause of unplanned pregnancy and abortion. Doctors propose teaching ethic and esthetics of family life and deliver regular lectures on sexual education at school.

It was noted that it would not be serious to rely on such a program alone. A complex of measures is necessary. The participants of the round-table meeting are likely to extend proposals on stimulation of birth rate to the government.

The organizers of the meeting said they had invited members of parliament, officials of the Ministry of Health and the Office of Prosecutor General but they did not show up.

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