Friday, July 18, 2008

Populating Shushi

Today while in Shushi, I learned that there could be a plan to move the old age homes from Stepanagert there. I don't know if this plan is final, but would hope that the whole thing was well thought out.

In America, when you get old, you move to a place that is hot and dry. Shushi is not that place I can tell you. When I have to go there in the winter, I can't wait to get out of there. It is very cold, depressing and winter lasts so long.

If you ask me, the old age homes should be moved in Martuni (if moved at all), where for the most part it is hot and dry.

I would highly recommend to the government to do a study as to where is the best place to take the elderly so they will live the longest possible life and be at the least risk of getting sick.

It also seems that they will be moving to Shushi some government agencies and educational institutions. I think this is a better idea, since people getting an education would only have to deal with the cold weather for a few years and government workers who don't like to work there can be transfered, where the old folk would have to deal weather that may not be cohesive with their condition until their death (which could come much sooner if they have to live in Shushi).

Shushi is known for having a prison. Of course if you did something bad and need to be punished, what better place to be put than in a cold depressing place like Shushi where not many people will go out of there way to visit you.

I again will say that this plan needs to be well thought out and experts who are educated in the health field need to be involved (not people who have purchased their diploma and act as if they know something about health, which sadly today we have many such people). We have to think of what is best for our elderly, who have done their part to build our nation and deserve for their final years to be dignified ones and not just shoved off to one side, left to die.

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