Friday, August 29, 2008

Real Changes in RA Tax Office

After too many years of enriching himself with what should have been Armenian tax dollars, Vahram Parseghian has finally been fired from his post at head of the RA Tax Office, which was recently merged with the Customs Office and renamed the "Customs Committee".

Vahram is a guy encountered back in 1999 and documented over the years how he started small and in no time moved to the top by taking big bribes, misappropriating funds, including donation from the Diaspora and who I learned many years ago was sharing them with the former President, Robert Kocharian.

I guess in an attempt to clean things up, our current RA President did the unthinkable and FIRED Vahram. Now my only hope is that they will investigate him and charge him for the crimes that he has committed over the many years he was in power. Of course if they re-hire him in some other post, then that will be an indication that he has dirt on the President and over the years the present President was also on the take (which I would say there is a very good chance of).

You can find past logs I’ve written that talk about Vahram’s wrong doings over the year by clicking here. Also for your further reading pleasure, the following is a recent story that documents his being fired by the RA President and how dissatisfied he was with Vahram’s performance.


12:51 22/08/2008

The President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan received the working team of the former Customs and Tax Committees to present the new appointed chairman of State Revenues Committee Gagik Khachatryan.

As to Vahram Barseghyan, who has been fired from his position of the head Customs Committee, the President reminded that On August 1, in a meeting with the Customs Committee leaders he has warned that if radical changes are not implemented they should to wait for those aftermath. According to the President no serious changes or improvements have been registers in those twenty days.

Calling on the public the President said that he did not want to create an image that the changes are aimed to join those two committees. He said that Customs Committee has been acting too badly.


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