Wednesday, November 26, 2008

And the non-democratic ways continue

There are many reasons not to join Yerevan State Medical University in Armenia.

1) It all starts with a lie of high standard education, while there are no proper arrangements for any sort of practicals, no training, no nothing. You won't get any chance to even feel as a medical student while you are in and not feel a doctor when you graduate.

2) Once you have paid the university expenses, after spending so much to come here, you'll be treated as a dog, yelled upon by dean, higher authorities and nobody to complain too.

3) You will be asked to sign a contract, which is of no use, you are not given any copy of that. And if you oppose in anyway, you will be expelled out showing the contract you signed.

4) The University won't tell you anything about the currency crisis here, you're told to pay in Dollars for the first years, and in Armenian Drams from further years, which is so unstable that you'll be finding yourself to pay double and triple as the years pass on.

5) You will be forced to stay in University hostels which are highly expensive 900 USD approximately in Armenian Drams, per person, and three of the persons will be stuffed in a small room, with your stuff and one of you three sleeps down even after paying!!!

6) You cannot even take a single leave from the classes, even if you are sick, even if you get an accident, your leg brakes, whatever happens. No leave allowed, or you will be expelled. This does not happen in any instituition.

7) Anytime the University administration wants they can make a rule without consultation with any students and always against the students.

8) The exams are so bad here, which teachers themselves can't solve, sometimes mis-translated from Armenian or Russian so that you don't even understand the question and administration doesn't care about it.

9) The people are also becoming aggressive to foreigners here, sometimes some people are looted on streets, kidnapped and beaten up, stabbed with knives and not only this even in everyday life any Armenian will be verbally abusing you calling you by 'names'. Racism is increasing in Armenia.

10) You can be even asked to pay huge amounts of money as visa fee (as in 2008 students were asked to pay around 200 US Dollars stating that they are late to submit documents even though everybody submitted before given date by University...this was shear OPEN DAY ROBBERY), or late fee or some blunder whenever University wants without any warning, etc. Laws are in the hands these people and they exploit them well to harrass and suck money from students.

11) On top of that after spending so many years, spending so much time, money, frustration, students can be denied Degree on the basis on ruthless decisions by authorities.

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