Friday, December 05, 2008

16:14 02/12/2008

"Armenia considers to be a trafficking born country. Girls and women are taken to Turkey and Arabic United Emirates where they are entrapped into prostitution," said Marina Solakhyan, the coordinator of Struggle against Trafficking UNDP project. According to Solakhyan, there exists another type of trafficking among us - working trafficking, which main direction is in Russia.

One of the reasons of the trafficking is that in transitional countries and in countries which lack stable economy people are looking for ways to find good jobs, she said. According to her people don't verify the information they receive from their friends, neighbors, etc.

In order to escape from such situation, M. Solakhyan said that a job found abroad should be well verified, a written contract or at least written agreement should be made, and the legislation of certain country should be studied. It is important to make copies of documents and to leave one example with relatives, as when abroad in case of trafficking people are taken off their documents just from the airport.

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