Thursday, April 01, 2010

Turkish Attorney Asks Ankara Court to Recognize Armenian Genocide

By Asbarez Staff on Mar 31st, 2010

ANKARA (Combined Sources)—A Turkish lawyer has submitted a claim to an Ankara court, demanding recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

The claim filed by attorney Bendal Celil Ezman calls on the Turkish state to recognize the crime against humanity committed by the Ottoman Turkish government during World War I, to condemn its mastermind, Talat Pasha, and rename all the streets that have been named in his honor.

This court case, which also calls for the removal of every Talat Pasha statue erected in Turkey, is the first of its kind, said Ezman, “Turkey must settle its history and past.”

Ezman is one of thousands of Turks who signed the “I Apologize” online petition launched in Turkey last year. With that campaign, Turks were apologizing to Armenians for the genocide their ancestors committed in the early 20th century.

Asked whether he feared possible counteractions he might face for filing the case, Ezman said: “If anything happens to me, it’ll be God’s will.”

The date of Ezman’s case has yet to be determined.

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