Sunday, September 19, 2010

Those who posted that footage on YouTube with a "pass" from certain activitists within the ruling elite

Chorrord Inknishkhanutiun Daily
11:01 • 18.09.10

The well-known video recording about pulling of soldiers' ears uploaded on the web remains the hottest topic for discussions. Naturally, young people lingering on the margins of the authorities' circles couldn't help trying to grab the chance for self-realization through these interesting topics.

Thus, the news is Menua Harutiunyan who carries the badge of the Republican Party of Armenia has uploaded the video recording in question on YouTube following a "pass" received from activists within the ruling elite. However, when interrogated, Menua said that he had taken the video from a former Haylur employee Aram Harutiunyan's website. As a matter of fact, the footage of Hrant Tokhatyan's and Albert Azaryan's "nice expressions," which appeared at the same website not too long ago were ascribed to this very Aram Harutiunyan. And considering the previous experience, A. Harutiunyan was immediately taken to the 6th Division of the Armenian Police, where someone called and said to set Aram free. Yesterday, Aram Harutiunyan told us that he had no connection with that video recording. As a reminder, Seyran Ohanyan has threatened to severely punish those who have disseminated the video material.

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