Wednesday, November 10, 2010

President Sarkisian Comments on Abuse in Army

Sat, Nov 6 2010
By:Armenian Weekly

YEREVAN (A.W.) - On. Oct. 23, Armenia's President Serge Sarkisian talked to the press during his visit to the Shirak region, mainly discussing issues related to Armenia's economy and its military.

Sarkisian talking to the press in Shirak. Answering a question about the increasing news reports of abuse in the Armenian army, Sarkisian said:

`Our army has never been void of incidents; there has never been a year without causalities among the soldiers or officers or without tragic accidents because our army is a huge structure and our army is on active duty and, finally, any army is the indivisible part of the society. Army is the mirror of the society and all failings and problems that exist in the society to a greater or lesser degree will always be present in the army - be it in Armenia, the United States, India, or elsewhere.'

He noted, however, that the army is, undoubtedly, becoming stronger by the day:

`Undoubtedly, the army is a much more organized, much more disciplined, much more enhanced structure than any other structures and our demands with regard to the army are much higher than those with regard to other structures. From this point of view, of course I am concerned with all those incidents that are taking place in our armed forces. However I don't for a moment doubt that every day, every hour our army becomes more combat ready, our army continues to improve and I am confident that every Armenian ought to be proud of our army.'

The president said he `salutes' those who criticize the abuse in army because their heart aches for what is happening, but criticized those who are using the army to gain `political dividends.'

`I salute all those persons who view our army as the apple of our eye, our pride, the safeguard of our honor and our dignity. I also salute all those who speak about the existing deficiencies in our army, but speak with heartache, speak to have a better army tomorrow, so that less young people or officers die in the army. I apologize for harsh words, generally I refrain from using harsh words but I despise all those individuals who are trying to get political dividends at the expense of the army and first all those individuals who tried to serve in the army and failed, all those individuals who tried to get engaged in the army building process but only harmed the process.'

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