Wednesday, September 12, 2001

Since everyone is posting about America under attack or as BBC is reporting it as "America Under Siege", here is what happend in Karabagh. I received Jeff K, his Dad, David and Lala as guest and while they were resting from their long drive, my neighbor called over to me to turn on the T.V., as the Pentagon had been bombed. I rushed inside and turned on BBC World. There was the World Trade Center on fire. We all sat and watched in shock. Lala was really upset and wanted to call the US, but settled to send an e-mail to a friend in New York who goes to the WTC a couple times a week. She got an instant response that he was okay, but was left shook-up and I guess I could not blame her. I started to get calls from people here in Martuni to ask me if my family was safe? I only could think of my aunt that was going to be coming to visit my family in California from Boston and she always flies American Airlines, but remembered that this is not to happen until next week. We went to my friend the mayor or Martuni's house for dinner and talked about what had happened the whole night. The first toast of the evening was to remember the victims and their families.

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