Thursday, October 11, 2001

I'm so pooped out with all the weddings and birthdays parties I've been going to. I mean it's a good sign to see so much activity here, but with two a week, it's just too much for me to deal with. What I've noticed is that Armenian's love to entertain and when they invite people over for a celebration, they don't skimp on anything (though most don't have it, they find it someplace). The typical party here is done at ones house and I've never been to a gathering with less than 100 people. I mean if you're going to party, you have to invite everyone. They set out these long tables and barrow dishes, cups and utensils from their neighbors and relatives. Part of the talent of giving a good party is to not only prepare as many different tasty dishes as possible, but to stack them as high as you can. Though there are always these great salads and cooked dishes, my favorite has to be the 100% pure honey with butter, on home-baked bread, yum!!! Besides the food, drinking is a big deal here, though it can be very dangerous. No one drinks alone and those that don�t drink are looked upon a little strangely. I'm not a drinker and fortunately people are now use to me not drinking too much and are okay with me just lifting my glass for a toast. Beer is not considered a real drink, but is very strong (11 to 12.5% alcohol) and the wine is usually so good that you think your drinking grape juice and don�t know that your drunk until it�s too late (it's happened to me a couple of times). Then there�s the vodka (a man�s drink!!!), which in most cases is made of white mulberries and is way too potent for me (up to 70% alcohol and not only a drink, but a medicine that cures just about anything that could ail you when taken with fresh garlic). Next month the high season for weddings will end and winter will set in. The layer of fat that I�ve acquired will burn off by the end of winter when I finish hibernating and it will start all over again next year.

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