Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Last night I had a dream that I was in Yerevan attending a victory march of all the people that had come from different parts of the world to live in Armenia. They were not just recent arrivals, but also people that came in mass in 1946. In attendance were the Presidents of Armenia and Artsakh and Vehapar -- not our present day Vehapar, but Vazken I of blessed memory. Tens of thousands marched through the streets of Yerevan together, with our final destination being the Hurabarag (Republic Square). In front of the cross that was erected for the 1700th anniversary of Christianity in Armenia, His Holiness, with me standing by his side addressed the crowd. He told us how we, the descendants of Armenians who were driven from our native lands and who had settled all over the world, have now returned home are the true victors. By coming home, we have foiled our enemies' sinister plan to eradicate us. He said that we have many enemies and we have each personally in our souls defeated them all by returning to our homeland. He continued to say that they planned to empty Armenia of all Armenians and have failed to do this because of people like us. Our enemies may hate us, but they also respect us for our drive and will to survive which is in each of us. He said that we have each returned much stronger and smarter than anyone could have expected and for this we can only give thanks to God and our enemy for showing us our weaknesses. He said that those of you who have returned are no longer victims of the crimes that were committed against our nation over hundreds of years, but are the people that are truly in control of your destiny and the destiny of our nation. He closed by saying that Armenians all over the world must hear his words and understand that victory is not measured in how much land you have, but the peace you have each found by coming home. He then made the sign of the cross and wished upon us God�s protection, guidance and love. Then he leaned over to whisper in my ear that he needed to talk to me in private about an urgent matter and to come see him when the crowd goes. The dream ended right at that moment with the phone ringing. I tried to fall back to sleep, but was not successful. I wonder what Vehapar needed to tell me? I also wonder why he was in my dream and not our present day Vehapar? Well I'll spare you a commentary on this dream, as by itself is a very strong message. If there is anyone that professionally understands dreams, please write me to let me know what it means. Also maybe you can tell me about some of the other dreams that I have. Like what does it mean when I�m standing naked in a crowd of clothed people and am not at all uncomfortable? Actually, that really did happen to me here one time, but I�ll save that story for a rainy day when I really have nothing to write about and share with you some of my fond memories of life in Artsakh.

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