Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Today it rained all day so I stayed inside and turned my electric heater all the way up. I worked on an assignment from a good friend who has a daughter that got married and moved to Brussels, Belgium. She calls once a week, but the connection is really horrible and I'm sure costing someone a small fortune. They want for her to send letters via e-mail, but she has no idea where the internet cafes to do this are. Unfortunately I'm not there to hold her hand and get her set-up so I need to find someone there that can help me out to do this. I got on the internet to find someone and did a search for an Armenian organization or anything Armenian there, but came up with nothing useful. So if there's anyone out there that can help me or you know someone there with e-mail that you think would be willing to make a phone call and maybe even a new friend from Artsakh, please contact me so I can get you in contact with her. Thanks in advance.

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