Friday, October 19, 2001

I remember when I lived in the US and it would rain on Sunday, I would stay in bed, watch T.V. and read the newspaper. Well when I woke this morning to find it was raining, I decided to pretended I was back in the US and it was Sunday. I turned on the T.V. and all that I could get a decent signal from was BBC news. It was so depressing to watch, that I turned it off and logged on to read the LA Times. Well that was a mistake. So I decided that today was going to be movie day!!! With that said, I made some popcorn, got in bed and did a marathon quadruple-feature. The Green Mile, The Sixth Sense, The Beach and Saving Private Ryan. While that noise was going on in the background (I've only seen them at least 5 times), I surfed the web looking for alternative ways to heat my house. I found that the US Patent and Trademarks Office not only has the abstracts of patents online, but they also now have the drawings and detailed descriptions. Did I hit pay-dirt or what? So I downloaded a few patents of boilers, burners and multi-fuel stoves that I'll mix and match to maybe have something built here that will not only heat my house, but also heat the water for my bath, swimming pool, Jacuzzi and maybe I can even design it so I can built a Sauna right on top of it and heat that too!!! As you can imagine, today was really boring.

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