Sunday, October 21, 2001

Today was really quite a nice day. I�m not sure if this is mini-summer revisiting us for the second time, but there was no rain and the sun was out. I�d been waiting for a break in the weather so construction on my house could continue. I know what you�re saying. I haven�t logged anything about house construction and what does he mean continue? I just didn�t want to bore you with another construction story, or else �Life in Armenia� was going to have to be renamed to �This Old House in Armenia�. So I won�t talk too much about my construction, other than before winter sets in, I have to use up a couple of tons of cement I have so it won�t go bad. This means that every chance I get, I have to figure what else I can do to my house. I will say one other thing. This construction has been going on for almost 3 years. You may ask why it�s taking so long? Well for a couple of reasons. First of all, I have no plans to go by (don�t want any) and am doing it all freestyle. This means that I tell the construction crew where to put up walls, windows, doors and so on as I go. The second reason and biggest disadvantage to not having plans is that there really seems to be no end to what I add. I mean last year I started to have an indoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi built. It�s not done yet because I realized my office was more important, so they started that and it�s almost finished now. During construction of the office I was having problems finding farm-fresh chickens and decided to build a place to keep chickens and turkeys. I had a place built in the corner of the front yard so I could keep cats and dogs away and when they finished building this 180 square foot henhouse, which took 3 days to do, it was so cute and built in the same style and quality of the rest of the house that I decided that it would serve better as a place to cook the hens, and well, it�s now the future location of the kitchen. And the space between the kitchen and the house, which is about 30 feet, is where the formal dining room will be. So you see, things never end, because there is no end. I also found out today that the house next to me on the side I don�t own is for sale. So I�m thinking about buying it so I can enlarge my front yard. One thing that I will say with buying all theses houses is that they are a good investment for my family�s future. You see I come from a family where children are usually male. And here they have a custom of the parents of the male children giving their sons each a house (to reduce the hardship and stress of starting out I guess), all but the eldest (poor thing), who usually gets the family house and is required to take care of the parents. As for the female children, they hopefully are married off and go live with their husband�s family. So since there is a good chance that I�ll have more boys than girls, I�m buying up the houses around me so all my children can be near by to help out with taking care of me and my wife when we get old and ornery. I figure that as much mischief as I get myself into now, when I get older, it will only be amplified and it�s going to take more that one son, bride and grandchildren to keep me entertained, so I better set things up so they have some backup support. I guess getting married would also help to make this equation work too.

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