Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Today was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and I took a long walk. Tonight the stars were out as was a real bright half-moon.

I received a few very interesting answer to my question about the dream and the following couple of sentences echo�s what the majority had written (I just picked at random one of the answers, as they were well written).

Regarding the experience in the Republic Square: Religion and spirituality express themselves in grand dreams. The message is often imparted through dream revelations that suddenly throw a clear light upon the past or illuminate the dreamer's way ahead. The dreaming mind may encounter the "Wise Old Man", or other archetypal figures of wisdom, who reveal their truths and teachings. Other archetypes may take the form of symbols or religious icons. Transcendental experiences may occur, leaving the dreamer with profound feeling of exaltation and inner peace. Dreams involving priests and other religious officials may represent the authority of the established church, while Old Testament prophets, Christian saints, Hindu avatars or Buddhist boddhisattvas may symbolize aspects of the dreamer's spiritual identity or aspirations.

As for the public nudity dream: To dream of being naked in a public place, among other people who are unconcerned about the fact, or oblivious to it, usually indicates that you should discard as groundless any fears that you will be rejected if your real self is revealed. Nudity can represent the dreamer's spiritual nature, or the authentic self. It can also mean a desire to shed defenses, a freedom from shame and love of truth.

I�d like to thank everyone who wrote to me and as some of you requested, will get to work on the real story (not a dream) of being in a village in the Mardakert region and shall we say, was caught with my pants down and no one seamed to be bothered by it.

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