Saturday, May 21, 2005


STEPANAKERT, May 18. /ARKA/. Quantity of people seeking jobs made 4334 in NKR as of May 1, 2005, of them 4007 are women. As Lenston Gulyan, the NKR Social Security Minister told ARKA News Agency, the status of unemployed was given to 3403 people, of which 3133 are women. According to him, the quantity of people receiving unemployment benefits makes 251, 209 of which are women. During January-April 52 got fixed up in a job, 47 of them were women. "The quantity of jobseekers as of January 1, 2005 made 4223, which is by 1,1% or by 49 people less compared to the indicator of the same period of 2004", noted Gulyan. L.V. -0—

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Why is it that when I read such articles, I get upset?

I guess since I know all of 4,334 people who are seeking a job personally. For this, I believe the real number is probably closer to 40,000 people.

I guess my pal Lenston is only counting those persons who have taken the time to register with the government to find a job with them. I would guess this is also why the majority of them are women.

If you take the real number of people who are seeking a job and base unemployment on that, the real number would be closer to 50%. I say this as half the employable people in Martuni are always asking about me giving them a job.

But why would the NKR government report the reality? That would indicate that they were not working well in the area of economic development.

All I know is that this one of those many articles which say nothing and in fact misrepresent reality.

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