Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Sorry again for not logging more often.

I guess there is not all that much I can report these days, though my days have been filled meeting with officials and NGOs to address issues related to human trafficking.

I can report that we have been moving forward and I’m hoping in the very near future, we will see our first victims return to Armenia, where they will receive rehabilitation.

One other thing I have been up to is writing lyrics. I guess this is my new hobby and is only possible thanks to a 17-year-old conservatory student named Nick.

Nick is what I can only call a music genius. He takes my words and thoughts and puts them to music. He does all this in English, which his language of choice, as for some reason, Armenian just does not work for him. My fiancé and I went to his house for dinner the other night and his mother was telling us about Nick and how at the age of three, surprised them when he played the Armenian national anthem on the piano after hearing it on the radio.

So far, we have written 2 songs together, one titled “Living My Life”, which is a song about victims of trafficking and “All Eyes On Me”, which is a kind of humorous dance song about how guys are dogs and can’t keep their eyes to themselves when a girl walks by.

I wanted to write this song since I’ve noticed this problem long ago thanks to having a fiancé who I would say is somewhat good looking and during times when she is dressed down, still gets these dogs staring as if in a trance. The worst is the old men, who in their 50’s and 60’s are not ashamed to undress my poor fiancé, who is made very uncomfortable.

Once we have recorded “All Eyes On Me”, the plan is a video, which for he most part will be a girl who is dressed very normal walking and we will videotape the staring eyes of the dogs that roam the streets of Yerevan, especially the old men. I want them to understand that this is not only rude, but also makes us (the girls too) indifferent to some of our cultural norms.

Here is one of the verses from the song, so you can get an idea of what it is about:

There are some kind of boys
Were not your cuddle toys
Don’t strip us with your eyes
It’s cold out here tonight

Take me out of your dreams
Erotic fantasies
Baby just let me breath
Nightmares are not for me

The next song we will be writing will be about genocide, which I wanted to do right after the genocide conference, but never found the time to do. I’m not sure how it will turn out, as that conference is now a faded memory. At that time I was really inspired and had some really good ideas.

As for the weather here, it’s great!!! I just love this time of year in Armenia. Not too cold, not too hot.

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