Monday, October 09, 2006


[02:00 pm] 09 October, 2006

Suren Abrahamyan, former Minister of Internal Affairs, former mayor of Yerevan, and member of the Republican party political council, was attacked yesterday. Two people attacked him, threw him down to the ground and started to kick him, the Republican party informs. The details of the case will be revealed during today's press conference.

Let us remind you that Suren Abrahamyan had made a speech within the framework of the "Anti-criminal movement". When the journalists asked him to mention names, he mentioned that of Prime Minister Andranik Margaryan.

The Yerevan police informed that on October 8 at 01:30 p.m. citizen of Yerevan Suren Abrahamyan (b. 1947) turned to the police and informed that the same day about 10:20 a.m. he was attacked by two unknown people and beaten up.

The police took measures to find out the criminals.

Preliminary investigation is under way.

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