Friday, May 25, 2007

Let there be light

Minister of Territorial Administration Armo Tsaturyan is a man of his word

Recently the villages of Haygazyan and Hale in the Southern Kashatagh region had a visit from an engineer sent by the government to survey for electrification.

For those of you new to Martuni or Bust, these are a couple of villages in Kashatagh which have been without electricity for over 9 years and only promises from the government each year that there will soon be power run to their villages.

On Armenian Christmas, we paid these villages a visit followed by a meeting with the Minister of Territorial Administration, who started the meeting out by asking why these people don’t leave and ending the meeting with his promise that they will have electricity this year.

Well according to the engineer, the work will start on June 1st of this year.

The group of people who went to the villages to assisted Father Christmas in January to spread joy to the people of Haygazyan and Hale, have decided that we will pay villages a follow-up visit in mid-June in order to see how the work of electrification is going and share a meal with our friends there. Of course we will also invite the workers from the crew sinking poles and running wire to the village. I think we will also invite Armo and the new Regional Minister Ernest to join us so they can see with their own eyes that their latest plans of developing the region are truly happening.

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