Friday, May 11, 2007

19:21 10/05/2007

The first instance Court of Kentron and Nork-Marash communities met the NSS claim on two-month imprisonment of former Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Arzumanyan. NSS press secretary, Artsvik Baghramyan, informed about this. It should be noted that as of today A. Arzumanyan's arrest lasts already 72 hours.

Earlier the NSS press service informed that as a result of NSS investigation activities it became clear that during the period from April 24, 2007 to April 26, 2007 initiators of "Civil disobedience movement" former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alexander Arzumanyan, and former Deputy Minister of Defense Vahan Shirkhanyan, being in Moscow city of RF came to agreement with Levon Grigor Markos, RF citizen, being under investigation by the criminal case N 62205103 of the Prosecutor's Office for financial frauds and pursuing special aim in Armenian pre-election period, regarding organization of transference and legalization of money of suspicious origin. It was fixed particularly that on April 27, 2007 USD 180,000 was transferred from Moscow by name of 9 placemen, which in fact was envisaged for them. Criminal proceeding was instituted due to the fact according to the features of the 3rd part of article 190 of RA Criminal Code. Within the framework of the criminal case as a result of investigations conducted in the mentioned persons' apartments great sum of money was found in foreign currency.

The case is in the proceedings of NSS Investigation Department.


If you ask me the 3rd part of article 190 should be applied to Robert Kocharyan and Prime Minister Sarkissyan who have large sums of cash in foreign currency in their homes which are from questionalble origin. If this is the kind of thing that can land one in jail, then the whole lot of the government should be behind bars.

All this is is the present day criminal Armenian government at work to prevent what will happen very soon and that is their END.

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