Sunday, October 07, 2007

Home-Grown Wild Animals of Armenia on Live T.V.

Just a few minutes ago my wife and I were watching Erevan1 television's live comedy show called "Agoump 32 Adam".

At the start of the show, there were some persons in the audience that were disruptive. The hosts of the show asked the disruptive persons in the audience who invited them to the show and the disruptive audience members said that it didn't matter. The host played down the whole thing and the show continued.

At 10:40 p.m., the same disruptive audience members started up again and someone asked if security should be called in or send Vahe, one of the comedians, to talk with them?

The next thing we see is Vahe getting off stage and saying something to the disruptive audience members, which was followed by this big thug of a man with mustache picking up Vahe and like you see in wrestling, slams him down on a table head first. The table breaks and Vahe goes head first to the floor. We then heard someone yelling to lock the doors! It looked to me like the guy with the mustache stabbed Vahe, but I think the stabbing motion was him reaching his hands between Vaheís crotch to life him up in the air and slam him down. Next thing we know, were watching a bunch of commercials and then a music show come on.

We are now sitting here in shock wondering who the hell these people where that attacked Vahe on live television and what happened after the they cut to commercial? Did a brawl break out or did someone get killed? Did they beat the crap out of the guy with the mustache and his friends and which mafia are they connected with that they could do what they did on live television? Will they be arrested and charged? What the hell is going on in Armenia and when will this madness stop?

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