Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Yezdi Brothers killed at Gomidas 16

Yesterday morning I heard on the radio that two Yezdis were shot and killed at Gomidas 16. There were no details as to the reason behind the shooting, nor did I hear anything on the news later on that night.

As for the television show which was disrupted due to an attack on one of the hosts by members of the audience, in the afternoon, they showed it again and the station was claiming that it was a preplanned skit.

Looking at it a second time, it looked nothing like a preplanned skit and if it was, those “acting” in it deserve an Oscar and to convince me it was what they said it was, then the host and "actors" need to go on television together and state that it was a skit.

Just prior to the attack, there was a skit about Yezdis, which though may have seemed funny to some, could have been offensive to Yezdis.

A friend of mine has a neighbor who was part of the studio audience and said that what happened in the studio was not some joke, but for real and the people who attacked the host were Yezdis.

And for those of you who did not get to see the attack yourself, it was the host that punched the audience member first and then the big Yezdi was the mustache slammed him on the table.

It’s not everyday that we have Yezdis killed in Armenia and you just have to wonder if the killing at Gomidas 16 had anything to do with the attack on television the night before?

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