Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Using deadly force against your enemy is one thing…

After the March 1st killings, I’ve been trying to better understand where this Armenians killing Armenians have come from and how anyone can feel justified committing such a horrific act without a fair and legal trial?

I just read a book called Murder at the Alter, which was written by Terry Philips.

On Christmas Eve morning in 1933, the head of the Armenian Church of America, Archbishop Ghevont Tourian, was stabbed to death with a double-edged butcher knife as he began Sunday services in New York. The murder was said to be in reaction to the Archbishop’s opposition and later removal of the Armenian flag of the first republic of Armenia (which was no longer) hanging over his head as he was to speak at a festival on June 1, 1933 in Chicago. The Tashnag Party (ARF) were said to be the ones who planned and carried out the murder. Subsequently, nine of their members stood trial, two of which were sentenced to death, five given sentences of 10 to 20 years and two were released.

Years following the murder, there were and maybe still are people out there that feel the murder was a justified act of terror and what happened to Archbishop Tourian, he had coming.

For those of you who decide to read this book, as painful as the first 100 pages can feel, as you may feel the story going astray, by all means keep on reading it to the end, since the official story I heard growing up as a kid was missing many of the important details, since for the most part they were unknown to most. Though I will not tell you what the missing part of the story I knew are, these new revelations may shock you, as they clearly document a consistent ARF policy which can go as far as death to those who don’t agree with the views and policies of the ARF.

I will hope that those in the ARF who are in power will read this book and start to think about reconciliation, change in policy and even an apology to the surviving members of the Tourian family, who even after the murder, were threatened, harassed and ridiculed by ARF members and/or their supporters (see:

I would like to add one thing for those of you who read this book. When you read about who really killed Archbishop Tourian (someone I believe was never punished), I can say that one of the ARF attempts to kill my grandfather used a similar method in 1929.

One thing our family share with the Tourian family is that we too were threatened and harassed by what I can only describe ignorant cowards who can’t think for themselves and only follow orders from their demented leaders.

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