Thursday, March 27, 2008


I came across a site which looks to be a confessional of the late Vartkes Barsam, a man I knew and respected.

Vartkes died of cancer in September of 2006.

According to this site, Vartkes tells of a murder that the “newly-elected” President of Armenian Serj Sarkissyan committed a few years back.

The death was reported as a heart-attack, possibly the same kind of heart-attack Antranik Markaryan had last year (both most probably drug induced).

I contacted someone who was close to Velik and that person told me that a half-hour prior to Velik’s untimely death, Sarkissyan and three other people paid an unexpected visit to the laser institute to see Velik.

A half-hour after Serj and company left, Velik was discovered in his office dead.

What a tragedy to loose one of our top scientists. And for what? So Serj would not be found to have profited millions of dollars from the sale of the institute?

We not only lost Velik, but we also lost the institute, which was in the process of producing lasers for medical, manufacturing and military, just to name a few of the once classified projects. All of Velik and the institute’s work came to a grinding halt after his death. There were also the well paying jobs and economic gains for Armenia it provided that are now lost.

Just to get an idea as to who Velik was and why he is worthy of our respect, you should know that Velik was the one behind the building of a machine that helped us big time to win the war against Azerbaijan. Thanks to him, the Artsakh Armenians had a blinding laser in their arsenal near the end of the war that without a doubt saved the lives of many of our freedom fighters and allowed us to gain the upper hand on the Azeri’s, bringing their fighters literally to their knees.

All I can say is SHAME ON YOU MR. “PRESIDENT”!!!

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