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Presidential elections in any country represent the only time that a people's voice can have a true meaning or value or importance. If that vote is not respected by a ruling regime, one can not expect dialogue or national unity.

The present dictatorial regime in Armenia operates behind a facade of Democracy. Therefore by accepting the nature of the present regime in Armenia, we are negating the essence of dialogue, national unity and especially national security.

How can one have dialogue with Serge Sargsyan who on March 7 said: "What I want to speak about is the elimination of the consequences of the disaster."

Why isn't S. Sargsyan trying to find the CAUSES of the disaster? And one of the major causes is that Sargsyan was NOT elected by the people of Armenia. And the responsibility for the consequences of that injustice remains solely on the shoulders of the ruling regime in Armenia. How can there be 2.3 million eligible voters when the population of Armenia does not exceed 2 million, or say 2.5 million if you like? The popular unrest and emonstrations started when, within the same day, Serge Sargsyan was declared the "winner".

Prof. Balakirian, in an article published in Massis Weekly of March 22 (see the web site below), clearly proves that the actual votes that Sargsyan could have gotten would not exceed 314,000 and the actual number of people voted were 1,123,000. http://www.massisweekly.com/Vol28/issue09/pg2.pdf

Not only did Serge Sargsyan declare himself the winner the same day of the falsified "elections", but also the Catholicos Karekin II congratulated him soon afterwards, proving that the latter is nothing but a puppet of the regime and not a servant of the people. How could Levon Ter-Petrossyan welcome the Catholicos in his house?

Armenia's ruling regime should serve the people and not the other way around. Unfortunately we are very far from being civilized to reach that level since a mafia rules the country. Is today's Armenia what our grandparents dreamed of? AZAD ANKAKH HAYASTAN?? IS THIS THE COUNTRY OF OUR GRANDPARENTS DREAMS??

Also read what Sargsyan has said on March 7.

"Firstly I must underscore that most international organizations
haven't responded negatively. There are only one, two cases of similar
proposals, the reason of which is either lack of information or even
disinformation. This also means the activity of some representatives of
international organizations in our country is far from perfect. Our
authorities provide large-scale unbiased information for all the
international organizations acting in Armenia and have expressed
readiness to give additional information in case of necessity,
regarding the materials they are interested in."

What "facts" and "large-scale unbiased information" is he talking about? Until when S. Sargsyan will cover up the truth?
How can one have dialogue with him? What is the premise or requirements for a dialogue? I suggest that intellectuals in Armenia and the Diaspora prepare proposals for dialogue and urge the formation of a national unity government that will organize a truly democratic elections in Armenia.

Peaceful demonstrations, or the "undesirable" or "unwanted" (by some) participation of Levon Ter-Petrossyan in the elections, can not be a coup attempt or an attempt to instigate civil war. The real coup attempt to keep their power and cover-up their wrong doings was done, as usual, by the Kocharian/Sargsyan regime against their own people by falsifying the elections.. And I side with the people. Months ago S. Sargsyan was declaring that he will win. In that case why go through all this "election" facade. Oh yes, in order to give him legitimacy and as a show to the world. Who are they kidding?

The joint statement on March 18 by the Armenian Assembly of America, the AGBU, the ANCA, the Diocese and Prelacy on the recent events in Armenia is disappointing to say the least. Instead of accusing the Kocharian/Sargsyan regime for the vast falsifications of the election results, they concentrated on the events of March 1 blaming the peaceful demonstrators. The joint statement talk about the need for the "rule of law, social and economic justice, freedom of expression and the media, and equal opportunity for all". That is exactly what the people of Armenia were demonstrating about and look what were the results. By taking this position, the signatories of this statement are encouraging the present regime to continue on its path of dictatorship. Instead, these organizations should have refused to accept the "election" results. Only through pressure we could have obtained positive change in Armenia. But it seems that another mafia exists in our midst.

Harut Sassounian's Lincy Foundation was another organization that quickly congratulated Sargsyan as the president elect. One wonders what Sassounian will get in return?

On February 25, a Turkish demonstration took place in Istanbul in front of a Turkish court in support of justice for the murder of Hrant Dink. While Armenian peaceful demonstrators are treated as the enemy by the so called "Armenian" regime, in Turkey, Armenians are being supported by the .............Turks. I can only say that I am glad that Kocharian or Sargsyan or anyone like them are not the President of Turkey or any other country for that matter.

Levon Ter Petrosian also falsified the elections in his 2nd term in 1996 and he made many mistakes. However he was responsible for the victories in Karabagh and brought Kocharian and Sargsyan to Armenia from Karabagh as a first step for unification. And look what the latter are doing with him now and how they are eliminating ALL opposition, and have literally occupied and controlled Armenia. Haiastaintsi's, Monte Melokonian, Sefilian and others from the Diaspora gave their lives for
Kharabagh. Did a single Kharabaghtsi shed a tear or extend a helping hand to the victims of "March
1", or to hundreds of political prisoners in Armenia? Did a single Kharabaghtsi say
shame on those who are beating peaceful people! Any demonstrations in support of the Armenian
people in Haiastan coming from Kharabaghtsi's?

Levon Ter-Petrossian behaved as an idealist and had the dignity to resign for the sake of Armenia and Karabagh. Kocharian, on the other hand, instead of improving the situation in Armenia he made it worse. The October 1999 massacre in the Armenian parliament was the greatest threat to the Armenian national security executed in broad daylight for which Kocharian is directly responsible. If that is not a coup, what is? It was the facto control of the Karabagh clan of Armenia. And you all know how well it was covered up. Kocharian and Sargsyan both falsified their "elections" creating huge financial illegal empires. Enough is enough. The people of Armenia are human beings not slaves.

As a result of all this, the actions of the present rulers may create strong adverse feelings between the people of Armenia and Karabagh, destroy their unity and undermine the national security when Turkey and Azerbaijan are united and gearing up their forces.

Social justice must prevail in Armenia if we want to survive and prosper socially, economically and politically and be able to confront future obstacles and plan for the future. Otherwise we are doomed. It is productive people who make a country grow and not a few individuals who suck the blood of the people.

Azerbaijan has a population of 8.6 million, with a 2007 GDP of $31 billion. What is the profile for Armenia? A pitiful situation indeed. Instead of bringing together the Armenian people in Armenia and Diaspora and build a strong densely populated country, the present regime has destroyed the country, with emigration and depopulation rampant in Armenia and Karabagh, and total lack of interest towards Javakhk and the destruction of Armenian cultural and historical monuments in Nakhichevan. And in the diaspora, the ambassadors and consulates of Armenia have done very little, if any, to encourage the participation and involvement of the diaspora in the much needed development of Armenia.

Armenians all over the world should denounce the so called Presidential "elections" in Armenia and stop supporting this illegal regime and ALL their supporters in Armenia and Diaspora. This can be done through continuous political pressure and peaceful civil disobedience.

We have a lot to do for sure.


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