Saturday, May 03, 2008

Leader of ANC, Levon Ter-Pertosian speaks at first congress

Yesterday in Yerevan the Armenian National Congress (ANC) had their first meeting to discuss the situation in Armenia.

It seems that ANC is the newest movement initiated by LTP to continue what he started after the flawed elections in Armenia.

I personally am not sure what Levon is up to or if he is being backed by outside powers. I can say that anyone who made claims that they received 65% of the votes, accuses the present government of being murderers and whatever other allegations he has made until now, but is not presenting evidence to back his claims, can not be taken seriously.

It looks as if things have not really settled down since the fraudulent elections and the killing of March 1st. The noticeable unrest is going longer than I was expecting and who knows, maybe this time around the truth really will come out and those who need to be put in their place will finally get what they have coming.

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