Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hurant Dadayan 1931-2008

Yesterday morning after a week of being uncomfortable, Rosa Myrig's husband Hrant passed away from a heart condition.

For those of you who don't know, Hurant and Rosa Dadayan had lost their 3 son's during the war we had with Azerbaijan.

The Dadayan family had returned to Martuni from Baku when the Azeri's started their killings of Armenians.

You can read a little bit of their history and my visits to their house here, here and here.

Hurant was a kind of my father figure to me in Martuni and has shared with me some very solid and sound advice over the years.

Rosa Myrig asked me if I really believed that he was gone? I of course could not and still can't believe he is no longer among the living. I was really expecting him to outlive Rosa Myrig, who was in much worse shape that Hurant.

I'm not sure now what will happen to Rosa Myrig. She was so in love with Hurant and though she is holding herself together well, dealing with what needs to be done to bury Hurant tomorrow, I know she is not well at all.

One thing she told me is that she is really now all alone. Her sons were taken from her and now her husband. She said she feels very empty and alone.

May Hurant rest in peace. We love you Hurant and I can say will never forget you and all you have done for the people who have stood by.

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