Monday, September 20, 2004

Tonight I went to Rosa Myrig and Hurnat’s house for dinner. It has been almost a month I would guess since the last time I’ve been to their house.

Rosa Myrig and Hurant seem to be doing well in terms of health goes, though Rosa Myrig says that she feels her heart at times is not beating as it should. The last checkup she had didn’t show any problems, but she has decided that she will take a trip to Stepanagert for a second opinion.

Tonight during dinner, somehow the conversation of water and a lack of came up. Hurant mentioned that he collects rain water, as it seems to be cleaner than the piped in water.

He went on to say that 4 years ago, they didn’t have water service to their house and they use to have a donkey and would bring in their water in containers loaded on the back of their cart.

Well the donkey is long gone, but the stories of having a donkey started and how Hurant’s donkey was more like a horse, which on one occasion started to run and would not stop, which Hurant had to jump from the cart, as the donkey was running for home and the way he was running was sure to overturn the cart.

From that story, Hurnat remembered his younger days in Baku and the time when he had to jump from a moving car and onto another moving car coming in the opposite direction to escape a group of people out to hurt, if not kill him.

The story he told was that he was defending a girl he didn’t even know, who came out of the movies from the back entrance and some guy confronted her and would not let her pass the ally she was exiting from. Hurant walked up to the girl, who he told to follow him as if she knew him and as he was escorting her passed this guy, an altercation started, where Hurant knocked the guy out and then knocked down the guy friend who came running to assist him. After that a group of the two guys friend overpowered Hurant, tossed him in the back of a large truck to take him who knows where. Hurant knew they were maybe going to kill him, so when another truck was coming in the opposite direction, he got up on the cab and jumped.

It seems that Hurant was always the defender of Armenian girls in Baku and during his university years he was the bodyguard/bouncer of the Armenian girls dorms.

One story he told I wont repeat in it’s entire form, other than it happen in the late 1940’s and he was defending one Armenian girl who was from Martuni, living in Baku. He is not sure, but the guys that were bothering her, he pounded their heads to the ground, knocking them out and then having to run to escape from the police. He never knew if he killed the guys, but suspected that he may have killed one of them, but again, was never caught, nor did he ever return to that part of Baku to find out.

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