Saturday, September 18, 2004

President of Artsakh forgives General Babayan for allegedly ordering his assassination

I got a call from a friend this morning telling that Samvel Babayan has been set free from prison and sent home. I asked him if he was sure and he said he was one million percent sure.

I called the mayor of Martuni to see what he had heard of this and he said that the President has the right to forgive people in prison (amnesty) and set them free and the President did just this yesterday, forgiving Samvel.

Yesterday when I was in Stepanagert, I was visiting some friends who were talking about how it may soon be that the President resigns due to the recent elections of mayor of Stepanagert, as most certainly the new mayor who is said to really be serving the peoples interest, will uncover many thing that have happened over the past years, which will end up exposing the President for who he really is.

I’m now wondering if Samvel’s release from prison is an attempt to counter what the new mayor could do to the President’s reputation? It has always been very clear that the President or Prime Minister do not like Samvel and wanted to get him out of the way, which they did. Could it also be that the new mayor has something that points to Samvel’s innocence and this was done to correct a wrong the President did, before it could cause damage to him?

I called a couple journalist friends to see what light they could shed on this subject and they were very confused as to why this has happened?

One taxi driver told me yesterday that if they let Babayan out of prison, nothing good will be waiting us. I’m not sure if I agree with this, as sitting in prison does give one time to reflect on the past and makes one wonder what got them there?

I know that on Samvel’s 34th birthday, he sat at home with one visitor from Yerevan, who is a close friend of mine, and reflected on the past and all the mistakes that were made that brought on hard times for our people. After this birthday is when he started to try to make some changes, which got him dismissed from his post and later on the alleged assignation attempt was made against the President, which landed him in prison for being the one that ordered it, but there was not a shred of solid evidence presented at the trial to prove such claims.

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