Friday, September 03, 2004

When did this start on Armenian television? What you ask? Hyrenik television, which broadcasts children’s television programming was airing Disney’s Beauty and the Beast in English this afternoon.

Not that I have anything against using cartoons to teach children English in a classroom environment, I know that for the most part, the children here don’t understand English, so I have to wonder why they didn’t air the Russian version, which is a language that our children seem to understand much better.

I say this, as by not understanding the language, all one understands is that cups, saucers, cabinets and so on can talk and the fight scenes, which for a child were quite graphic and just like most Hollywood movies, instills indifference to violence especially to children.

As soon as the cartoon was over, my fiancés 5 year old niece became aggressive and was tossing her toys all over the house (her rag-doll went airborne and took out some crystals from our living room chandelier), replicating the fight scenes. It was not until she had a chance to watch some Russian children’s program that was were made in the 80’s (though I don’t understand the language, the scenes seem very normal and have minimal aggression) and her mother yelling at her, that she calmed down.

Though Schwarzenegger thinks that Communism destroys individual order, I think it’s Hollywood and all those movies he has stared in that has done much more damage to individual order than Communism could ever do.

Though some may think that Communism is the enemy of Hollywood, Hollywood could be perceived as the enemy of the entire international order.

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