Monday, September 06, 2004

Have you been following the news in the world? Terrorist attacks in Russia, hurricanes hitting the Bahamas and Florida, floods in China and earthquakes in Japan. What is happening to this world?

The one that I don’t get is the news coverage and especially the journalists that are covering the hurricanes. Why the heck do their stations send them into the storm, which they themselves report to be very dangerous? One reporter told as to where he was and the actor in the newsroom repeated what he had said as him being in the eye of the hurricane, which was calm, to which the reporter said no, I am just outside the eye, which is the most dangerous part of the hurricane [don’t downplay the sensationalism I’m creating]!!!

Now don’t get me wrong, but in the animal kingdom, when there are fires, storms and so on, the animals head for safe ground and never look back to see what destruction the storm has caused. Only man is interested in observing destruction of a hurricane, fire, flood or worse than that, the massacre of 330 people in Russia, half of who were children. And if people where not interested in these things, the news would not show them for days on end as they do.

Of course I have to ask myself what is wrong with me or my fiancé, who are glued to the television to watch to see if the Russian massacre count rises (which it did), but take into consideration that we know that the massacre has happened or the hurricane hit and that should satisfy our need to know, but no, we are humans and have to know everything, even those things that don’t directly effect our world, but do disrupt our sleep and occupies space in our memories and not in such a good way.

My fiancé told me last night that she can’t stop thinking about this massacre and seeing in her head the pictures of children covered in blood. Is such intensively covered news really needed or do we need it to divert our attention from our own problems so we can feel better about ourselves?

As I was writing this log, my fiancé turned the channel to ALM (a local Armenian channel) that one of the programs that seems to occupy most of it’s airtime is an amateur singing program, which is hosted by a man named Dickran Garbeddian (future candidate for Parliament or President if you ask me) and is sponsored by the Multi-Group (Dodi Gago). I was not watching, but heard a Michel Jackson song which has a relaxing sound to it and when I turned to see what they were showing with it, I was shocked. It was scenes from the massacre in Russia and the blood covered children. I asked my fiancé what this was all about? She said they had just shown the news from Russia and since the massacres, they have been showing clips like this following the news. What is the point?

Humans are sick creatures. Why couldn’t I have been born a Dolphin or better yet, a Turtle?

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