Monday, September 06, 2004

The Russian terrorist attacks have been consuming my fiancés time. I’m over it and she thinks that I’m being cold hearted for not being interested or shocked at what we are seeing. She really is glued to the television and when I ask her a question, she tells me to be quiet for a second as they are saying something important.

Something important? I remember my childhood and my father getting upset with me for asking him to be quiet while watching the television, to him snapping at me and asking what could be more important on television than him (I was probably watching a game show or cartoons)? That stupid box is what he called the television. I’m now better understanding what he was saying, but of course I’m not going to tell my fiancé what my father use to tell me.

I’m not sure when this is going to end (probably never) and what the Russians will do next, but it’s clear that we are seeing a side of terrorism which we have never seen before (that I can remember) and that is the bloody killing of children. On the other hand, blockades from the West I’m sure could have caused similar effects on children, but since the children effected were not covered in blood, we don’t seem to notice or are shocked at to such atrocities.

I was over at a relatives house last night and he said that the Russians will claim they have reliable information that the terrorist were supported by the Georgians, which will give them reason to help split up Georgia and leave the Western supported government trying to figure out which end is up as their country implodes.

Terrorism, countered by terrorism, which I’m sure will be countered by terrorism and so on, and so on, and so on…

I guess the reality is that there is only so much room in this world and in the end it really is going to be survival of the fittest and most ruthless. Where is flower-power when you need it? Why can’t we all be friends?

When all these things happen in the outside world, it reaffirms my decision to move to Armenia and makes me feel fortunate that I do have a cultural homeland that is mine, with very defined boarders, that I have the right to live here on this relatively safe island.

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