Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Who is Jirayr Sefilyan? It sounds to me that it’s not a new power that he wants to form, but a new Opposition to come to power, since one of the Opposition figures thinking about their own pockets is one of the people that he says will possibly be involved in this new power.

We don’t need a new power, but a new way of thinking and this not just in our “leaders”, but also with the greater population.

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Jirayr Sefilyan, Coordinator of social initiative for "Protection of Liberated Territories" has today announced in National Press Club that there is no ideological contradiction between Opposition and Authorities. Moreover, there is no ideological contradiction between the former and present Authorities, he says.

As to Opposition, Jirayr Sefilyan thinks no Opposition figure worries about the interests of the nation. They think either about their own pocket, or serve the foreigners. In that case it is necessary to form a new power, which won't be spoilt, will have national ideas and will put the national interest higher the personal one.

We asked Sefilyan if it was probable that he might have a decisive role in creating that power. He said it was possible, moreover, he could assume the responsibility to form the power.

Jirayr Sefilyan said it was also possible that Karabakhi Army General Samvel Babayan and Aram Sargssyan, brother of Vazgen Sargssyan may involve in the process, too.

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