Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I’m impressed. My car has been at the body shop for a few days having some minor repairs made due to some rich kid backing his Niva into the side of my car. Since my car has been in the shop, I’ve been taking taxis and public transportation.

Today I took a trip to the building materials market near the Vartan Mamigonian statue and on the way the driver took on more passengers than there was room for. Of course all I could think about is that what he was doing was dangerous and how such service only adds to our problems, including making people a little less human in terms of dignity. I was thinking that it would be interesting work to cut a deal with the government to enforce the law of overcrowded transportation.

On the way back from the market, I took the same mini-van line and was impressed with the driver, who had a very serious appearance, a wedding band (obviously a family man) and best of all when there was no sitting room, he was not stopping for passengers who were waving him down. I was really impressed. He didn’t stop for 5 passengers while I was riding.

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