Thursday, September 16, 2004

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Armenian Center for National and International Studies held a discussion Thursday over the results of Corruption in Armenia survey conducted by the Center.

37% of 1956 respondents were offered bribe at the 2003 presidential and parliamentary elections. 32,5% of them have taken it.

The survey shows corruption in Armenia is considered as political phenomenon. 42,8% think current authorities formed thank to bribe and fraud has to protect those who helped them to come to power and retain it.

19,4% find corruption the most effective way for accumulation of wealth.

Head of Economic Researches Center Ashot Tavadyan doesn't share opinion that Armenian people tolerate bribery and have come to terms with that phenomenon.

He says this idea is imposed by the authorities and added that people become indifferent when see their complaints remain fallen into neglect.

In Tavadyan's opinion, broadly-worded state program against corruption provides no clear idea about the steps to be taken.

He says there are many absurd provisions in the program such as a statement that Customs Services not National Assembly are in charge of legislative changes in custom area.

Tavadyan said the government program had been taken sceptically by 25,3% of respondents, 69,3% found it hard to answer the question and only 4,9% were optimistic about the program.

"Corrupted authorities can't struggle against themselves", said the majority of the survey respondents.

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