Monday, January 12, 2009

Courier services in Armenia suffer losses for toughened customs control and citizens have to forget about good tradition of receiving parcels from abr

2009-01-10 17:02:00

Citizens of Armenia have to forget about the good tradition of receiving parcels from relatives in abroad. Now parcel-receiving procedures is no longer a pleasant surprise but 'a distressful trial'. In addition, business of courier services is suffering decline.

Executive Officer of DHL Worldwide Express Office in Armenia Emma Beluyan told ArmInfo demand for the company's services suffers decline due to the compulsory requirement to deliver the cargoes imported into the country by a courier service to the customs terminal. The number of complains by recipients is growing at an exponential rate. She said demand for DHL services in Armenia has fallen 10 percent recently.

Earlier, recipients were just required to pay the necessary fee for door-to-door delivery and sign the necessary documents of the courier to confirm the delivery. Now, signature is not enough. 'Incompliance with amendments to the customs legislation made last year, a courier company has a right to deliver only letters and documents to recipients. Any other type of cargo even if it costs just $1 US dollar, a courier is to inform the recipient of the delivery to Armenia, in particular, to the customs terminal. Recipients are required to sign documents informing about the delivery', E. Beluyan said. Afterwards a procedure begins identical to the procedure of customs clearance with usual queue often like the confusion of Babylon. After a recipient finally reaches its turn to receive parcel, it may turn out that he is not enough informed of the parcel content and has to pay certain amount, sometimes not just a symbolic amount of the parcel value. Thus, any personal goods received by a citizen not for commercial activity is subject to customs clearance. DHL offers broker services to the recipients for 35,000 drams ($114) exclusive of customs duty.

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