Monday, January 12, 2009

Net foreign debt of Armenia increases by 84.05 million dollars to 1 billion 219.17 million dollars in 3rd quarter of 2008

The gross foreign debt of Armenia made 3 bln 176.55 mln USD at the end of September 2008, growing by 24.38 mln USD as compared with the end of June 2008.

According to the RA National Statistical Service, 42.4% of the gross foreign debt formed in the state government system, 16.4% in the private sector, 5.9% in the monetary and credit regulation bodies, 25.5% in commercial banks, and 10.1% of the debt formed from direct foreign investments received as interfirm credits by organizations in various sectors of the economy.

The gross foreign assets of Armenia made 1 bln 957.38 mln USD at the end of September 2008, decreasing by 59.67 mln USD in the third quarter of 2008. As a result, the net foreign debt of the country grew by 84.05 mln USD to 1 bln 219.17 mln USD.

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