Sunday, October 11, 2009

America cashing in their chips

Today the Sarkissyan government has caved in to pressure from the United States Government and signed into what can be called nothing less than a bad deal that will provide little to no benefit to Armenia and her citizens. This has been a long time coming and though it is not yet ratified by Armenia’s mafia dominated Parliament, I would say that it’s a done deal if we don’t see some very extreme changes soon.

I will not get into the details of the deal that was cooked up to open the boarder between Armenia and Turkey (you can read the more important parts of it in the post bellow)so the “President” can go to Turkey to watch a soccer match, but will say that the pressure from the citizens of Armenia and Diaspora was not as powerful as the pressure that the West has been able to exert on the Armenian President who was elected under questionable circumstances that was then followed by some of the worst human rights offenses Armenia has ever seen on March 1, 2008.

Why is the Presidential election and events of March 1st so significant? Well, it’s all very harmful dirt that can effect the Armenian government and their ability to retain power. All the West needs to do is have a change in their stance on the issues, which they intentionally turned a blind eye to and deem then as to what they are, extreme human rights violations, which could allow America for one to cut off aid that the corrupt Armenian government depends on for their own personal wealth and power.

The next calling in our their chips by America will be around the Artsakh issue and us being told to had back strategic lands that we have liberated. This is what the promise America made to Turkey was around the signing of increasing their efforts to resolve the issue.

So what do we have facing us today? We have a very weak government that will jump as high as those governments that can blackmail the Armenian government with the dirt they hold, which can be used to topple them if they don’t do as they are told by the West.

What should be done? The present day government should resign so this very unbalanced deal will not face a vote in front of a Parliament that is as corrupt as the President himself. If this does not happen, then I hate to say this, but we are going find ourselves in a few years up the creak without a paddle.

WAKE UP EVERYONE!!! Our ship is sinking and too many are waiting for a life preserver that is not going to save us in the end since it will probably be made in Turkey.

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