Sunday, October 25, 2009


YEREVAN, October 22, /ARKA/. The government of Armenia has decided today to increase its spending for 2009 by 250 million Drams, which will be spent on installment of 25 anti-hail stations in eight provinces of the country.

Agricultural minister Gerasim Alaveridan said the country's agriculture sustains each year $13-$20 million damages caused by different calamities, half of which by hails. The minister said the monitoring of the situation and information from provinces show that virtually all regions of the country suffer from hails.

The minister also said the government of Japan for its part will provide 250 million Drams for installment of 25 anti-hail stations in Armavir and Ararat regions which will help protect a total of 3000 hectares of crops. The stations will be assembled in 2010 spring. ($1 - 387.18 Drams).


During the war with Azerbaijan in 1993 when we took Aghdam, we captured a brand new, never used, portable anti-hail station that was assembled in a trailer with instruction manuals. The trailer was brought to Martuni where the commander of the region who is now the Minister of Defence in Artsakh, instructed a friend of mine who is an electrical engineer to gut the trailer as he wanted to use it as a bath-house for the army. He tried to convince the commander that we keep it as we don't have one in our region to no avail. The trailer was gutted and worked as a bath-house for about a month before it was decommissioned and take the village of Jardar, where it served the commander for his personal use. To this day we don't have a single anti-hail station in Artsakh and of as the article above states, crop damage from hail represents more than 50% of the damage we sustain each year. That same commander was the one whose brother Arayig had a private milk farm that consisted of cows that were loaned to the army from common people for the sake of providing milk to the army, but later on the cows were decommissioned and privatized by the brother and presumably the commander. I know a few people who are still wondering when they will get their cows back.

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