Friday, June 04, 2010

Armenian Government Sells National Assets to China

Once again, the Armenian Government makes a deal with another country for "loans" for "technical-economic programs" that is aimed to benefit the Armenian people.

In the past we have seen deals in the form of "loans" that have been settled in exchange for government controlled assets of strategic importance. And these were "loans" that for the most part went to the pockets of government officials.

In the case of the "loan" from China in the form of 88 ambulances (probably used), I would guess that these ambulances which are valued according to the deal at $33,272.73 each, will be in no time decommissioned and sold off the the highest bidder (who will be someone in government or persons with connections, for pennies on the dollar) and turned around and sold for a hefty profit. I've seen this happen before with an ambulance which was sent from America as aid and it was sold for $2,000 to some guy in Stepanagert, who gutted it out and installed containers so that he could transport fish in it.

At some point, the loan will be due and to the detriment of country, the Armenian government will cover the "loan" by handing over to China a factory or power plant, just like they have done in the past with Russia.

As always, I hope I am wrong with what I have written above, but know that in time this is exactly what will happen.


02.06.2010 13:07

Yerevan (Yerkir) - An agreement on technical-economic cooperation was signed today between the governments of Armenia and China. The governments of the two countries also signed a letter and an address on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Armenia and a letter and address on behalf of the Government of the People's Republic of China.

As the press and information department of the RA Government informed, from the Armenian side the documents were signed by Deputy Foreign Minister Karine Ghazinyan. China's Deputy Minister for Commerce Fu Ziying signed the documents on behalf of the Chinese Government.

According to the agreement the Government of China will provide 20 million Chinese Yuans to the Armenian Government for implementation of technical-economic programs. According to the agreement reached by the letter and the address, the Chinese Government has provided 88 ambulance cars to the Armenian Government.

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