Friday, October 08, 2010

Armenian defense minister on Murphy’s law

October 06, 2010 | 20:36

“I have the impression that mass media have launched a campaign against the Ministry of Defense,” Armenian Minister of Defense Seyran Ohanyan told reporters.

According to Ohanyan, Armenian mass media have lately been too attentive to relations in the ministry in his charge. “The ex-chief of the military police Vladimir Gasparyan has been appointed deputy minister at my suggestion. I think he has sufficient experience for this work. Promotion is encouraging for any official,” the Minister said.

Commenting on violations of law in the army, Ohanyan stressed incidents occurred before as well. “More victims may have been this year, but there were incidents before as well. However, they were not so widely discussed by the media before,” the Minister complained. He stressed that the command staff are concerned with preventing army incidents.

“Murphy’s law is working – the more you try the worse it is. Media reports create the impression that all the agencies are holy, but the defense office is the only vicious one,” Ohanyan said with indignation. He claimed most media reports do not correspond to the facts so he ignores them.

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