Monday, February 07, 2011

Bako Sahakyan raises strict questions
15:22 - 04.02.2011

In works with defense army and in attitude towards it we must stay away from imitations and forgeries.

`I genuinely believe that especially last year's incidents took place not only because of bad work of defense army's commandment but also because of my and your incomplete responsibilities, as here also imitations take place', said NKR president Bako Sahakyan at the meeting yesterday and added that `Imitations and indifferent attitude towards the army is unacceptable, because as, president said, it does not promote neither the development of the country, nor the supremacy of the army, especially in our country, who's neighbor every day and hour announces that wants to solve the issue with military involvement.

Bako Sahakyan also talked about some negative phenomenon that takes place in the army, especially, bribery and robbery. `And until these phenomena do not disappear we must stop dreaming of success.

With these conditions the army won't have potential to demolish our enemy, and if we avoid that truth, then we continue our fake life, hence desecrating the memory of our friends who died'.

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