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Half of the children living in Armenian orphanages are disabled,says Lala Ghazaryan, head of the Family, Women and Children Affairs Department at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

"In comparison with foreign countries, parents in Armenia have a biased approach to disability and want to adopt a healthy child," said Ghazaryan.

The Ministry official dismisses the information that foreigners adopt children more easily than locals do.

"Interstate adoption is a much more complicated process than you can imagine," she said.

There are seven orphanages in the republic with 800 children. About 120 children were adopted in Armenia in 2010. Another 551 children were placed into foster care.

"However, these children continue to remain orphans and if they are subsequently adopted by their guardians, they are unable form a normal family in the future," she said.

Lala Ghazaryan, who has worked with orphans for many years, says the best way to improve a child's future is to adopt him otherwise the child will appear in the street.

Married couples cannot adopt a child unless they have a permanent place of residence and steady work. Besides, they should be devoid of aberrations and must not be deprived of parental rights. You cannot adopt a child if you are not married.

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