Thursday, July 14, 2011


Wednesday, July 13, 14:18

The dialogue between the authorities and the opposition implies involvement of not only Armenian National Congress, but also all the concerned political forces, including the coalition parties. The atmosphere of confidence is very important, and here the efforts of the authorities are not enough. In order to consolidate the atmosphere of confidence, the desire of all political forces is needed, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan said in his interview with Golos Armenii (Voice of Armenia) newspaper.

When touching on the elections, the head of the state pointed out that a big role here belongs to the evil tradition, according to which it is almost impossible to suppose that after the elections in Armenia someone will acknowledge the opponent's victory. "There were several presidential elections in Armenia, who of the candidates has ever congratulated his opponent on the latter's victory? The problem is that elections are like backgammon, where it is for the dies, not the voters' confidence to decide. This feature is the main obstacle to formation and consolidation of the atmosphere of confidence. If the presidential candidates conduct their pre-election fight honestly, acknowledge the voting results and congratulate the winner, the people will never say that the elections were rigged", he said. If this becomes a tradition, it will allow forming an atmosphere of confidence in the society.

The Armenian authorities set up a working group of 6 people to conduct a dialogue with the Armenian National Congress, Press Secretary of Armenian President Armen Arzumanyan said on July 9. According to him, the members of the coalition and the Armenian National Congress will meet within the next few days.

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