Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Celitra? What is celitra?

In the last few year I have heard people talk about a white powdery substance called celitra, which is used to increase the yield of crops. I’m guessing this is some kind of fertilizer.

I know it comes in sacks that indicate that it is explosive and also clearly states that it is a product of Georgia.

The reason I ask the question of what is celitra is that the other day after eating watermelon, a few of the people who were eating with us got very sick and I was later told that it was celitra that caused the poisoning.

Today when I was talking with some friends about how fast our facial hair grows, one of them jokingly asked another if he uses celitra and for that reason his hair grows so fast.

That got me to wonder if his joke was all that far off, as my hair and nails have started to grow unusually fast these last couple of month and it makes me wonder if ingesting celitra could be the cause.

I remember a 60 minutes story many years ago about hormones in Mexico’s dairy products that was causing children to start puberty at a very young age.

Talking about hormones. Our chicken farm here in Martuni has to be using hormones, as they grow a 1 to 3 kilo chicken in 54 days. I can’t imagine this growth rate is due to lighting, music and a diet of organic grain.

Once upon a time, right after independence, there were practically no pesticides or chemical fertilizers available in Armenia and Artsakh, thus we always had organic fruits and vegetables. Our livestock was for the most part fed only natural feed.

That has now all seemed to change and you really have to wonder what chemicals are being used so someone can make a quick buck, but at what price to the consumer?

I have very little faith that our government body that monitors the quality of foods is properly monitoring this issue. I’ve seen firsthand how they work and if I think about it too much, I would give up eating.

Maybe it would be worth it to once again keep a garden, or find someone to grow for me organically grown fruits and vegetables, until this issue is resolved.

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