Tuesday, August 10, 2004

This week has so far been great!!!

The good days started upon my return to Martuni, after I finished my work in Yerevan.

On Sunday, I took the responsibility of being Godfather to my fiancés sister and husband, who were married civilly a couple of years ago, but in order to have their first born baptized, they had to have a proper Church wedding, which they did, just before we baptized their son (my newest Godson).

The week continued on track and with more good news, when my fiancé and I had a proper Church engagement at a spring in Jardar which was built in the memory of my fiancé’s father. It was performed by Archbishop Aris Shirvanian, who has known me since I was one and a half years olds. He serves in our Church in Jerusalem with my uncle. The whole thing was so beautiful and felt so right to all of us.

Tomorrow, I am taking Aris Srpazan to the military show in Aghdam so we can witness for ourselves how powerful our army is. It should really be a memorable event.

The week to follow I expect to be very relaxing, as I am finally back to Martuni with my fiancé and we really don’t have any worries other than minor work I have to deal with, but nothing that will cut into our time together.

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